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  ORIGIN OF THE PESACH The ‘PESACH’ or Passover as it is more commonly known is arguably one of the holiest of Yahuwah’s appointed times in the year. Occurring in the spring, it is a major highpoint in the land of Israel marking the beginning or head of the year (Exo 12:2). To all Hebrews… Read more »

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Marital restoration and management & personal development

  It is inevitable that at some point relationships, especially marital relationships, will run into difficulties and problems will rear their ugly heads. How one perceives his spouse, how she respects him and how he expresses love to her are essential in rebuilding those fallen walls. In my experience as a counsellor, having worked with… Read more »

Studying the word

  Studying the word involves more than just reading the word. It requires one to analyse the word. Many good authors are out there who unpack the biblical, paleo and pictographic Hebrew well, such as Jeff A. Benner. Greek would never be the language of the NT writers, as the language does not support the… Read more »

Our daily bread the word

  Along with the staple copy of the KJV bible no bible student worth their weight should be caught without an arsenal of versions in their search for the Truth. Accompanied with proven bible study tools.  

Redeemed by a Jew

  It’s so easy for us to think the Saviour was born Jesus and was sent to start Christianity when that could not be farther from the truth. Born Yeshua and endorsed the Torah as ‘the way’ and indeed stated he is the living breathing edition of Torah in the flesh! (John 14:6) Paul’s writings… Read more »

Jewish Culture

  When the Bible says “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus” (Phil 2:5) just what does that mean to the church? Here is a small gathering of books on Jewish antiquity of which there are many on this vast subject. I hope you learn to respect and love Jewish… Read more »

Once We’re in the Bible…

  These books are dear to me as they were the early days of my journey into Hebrew roots. Talk about scales falling off your eyes, you will never be the same again!